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Are you fed up of sellers who don't do what they promise?

We guarantee 100% satisfaction from start to finish.

Items shipped with tracking and insurance next day.

No errors with damaged items or wrong sub par packaging.

No mix ups or aggravations.

We value your time and ours and make sure everything is done right.

Many years of satisfied customers getting what they paid for.

We always take pride and aim to please..

We have been in Business since 2001 with 9 Locations Worldwide. Our goal is that every buyer is treated with first class service & respect. We ship directly from Canada or from the Netherlands. We always use tracking and insurance with our shipping carriers Canada Post or PostNL. We are the only bear store in the world with 2 shipping locations in different time zones that can deliver to you those hard to find collectibles which you have been looking for that are 100% authentic and genuine. We Have Received Many Awards for our Outstanding Service. We Provide Worldwide Shipping. We are proud that many of our antique bears are featured on display in the Teddy Bear Museum in N Seoul Tower in South Korea and other various museums and collections. Over the years, we have replaced thousands of lost or worn out beloved teddy bears and animals. Are you looking to replace a lost animal or bear and cannot find it in our store? Ask us and we may find it. We Supply Antique Bears Steiff Hermann Fechter Clemens Dean's Harrods Gund Russ Ganz Dakin Retired Vintage One Of A Kind Teddy Bears Stuffed Animals & Plush Toys. From Europe we offer Berg Fechter Steirer Ashton Drake Clemens Johanna Haida Hansa Hermann Schuco Steiff Dam Trolls Ikea Canterbury Dean's Gorham Hamley's Harrods Keel Toys Merrythought. From North America We Have 24K Dakin Disney Ganz Gund Hanna Barbera Russ Applause Brass Button Bears Warner Brothers Mighty Star Boyds Wrinkles Vermont Fiesta. And Many Other Retired Vintage One Of A Kind Teddy Bears Stuffed Animals & Plush Toys. We have also added antique dolls and doll houses along with art work and many antique items.

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