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Dear customer ,Thank you Visiting our store.
Thank you for contact us
I am working on my primary job from 10:00am till 9:00pm and can't   respond fast enough, since I do not have computer near by ,however I do respond to SMS massage very quickly   . I can easily be reached at  
my phone using text  at  323-825-1240 , please provide me with the question , item number and order number so I can search it fast .
SMS the same number again if I don't reply within 30min .
My goal is to make you happy , and remedy any issue right away
Sincerely Sean

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Welcome !!!
Welcome To Tekno Network Systems

New Arivals:
PN2907APN2222A Transistor PN2222A Transistor

Combined Shipping calculations:
- Base Shipping is $3.35 any additional item adds $0.10.
- Use [ADD TO CART] button instead of [BUY IT NOW] button. Click [Pay Now] button only when you're ready to check out.
- Use [ Request total from seller] text link before clicking the second [Pay Now] button to let me correct any errors for you .
- If non works just check out and use [CONTACT SELLER] : " Sean, can you please check my invoice " to get a refund .
- We offer Free local pickup for our local Los Angeles customer , Refund on all shipping charges within 8hrs s after pickup.

Notice to all buyers:
- 4/7/2016 There is a glitch in ebay system shows $50 free shipping instead of $20 that is programmed , this error is fixed automatically once you check out , if not, let me know for shipping refund
-3/15/2016: Please subscribe to our newsletter , I am posting new discount campaign once every 2 month , when I get new components or kits in inventory
-1/17/2016: USPS raised prices on all packaging , Not a good news but typical new year maneuver ( 13.3% increase that %430 more then 3% inflation )
-1/14/2016: , there is a glitch in EBay's “combined shipping” rule colliding with “buy 4 get 1 is free” , where if you buy the set of 4 it adds $3.35 instead of only $0.10 , on checkout it should also make all $1.00 items turn into $0.75 to give the 4th one for free . Please contact me to send you refund if it calculated anything wrong . I do apologize for this EBay has no solution at present.
For Shipping is $3.35+ ( next items)* $0.10.therefore,, if you buy 8 resistors $3.35+7*$0.10+ 8*$1.00*0.75= $10.05, if you buy only 6 resistors: $3.35+5*$0.10+ 4*$0.75+2*$1.00=$8.85
I do apologize for all the headaches
Sincerely, Sean
One man band

Varactor / Varicap diodes BB132; BB149A; BB152; BB515 - 5pcs to 20pcs [ Bin #4 ]
MMBZ52 Series 225 mW 10 mA SMD/SMT Zener Diodes -100pcs [ 2.4V - 27V ]
SMD / SMT Diodes SOT23 , SOD-123 SMB DO-214 and others - 100pcs
BAT , BAS , BAW Series SMD/SMT Dual Series Diodes - 100pcs
Digital and Analog Semiconductors - BIN#5
74 Series logic gate IC's SMD / SMT SOP , SOIC, TSSOP - 5pcs [ BIN#BD3 ]

PCF8591 AD/DA Converter Module Analog To Digital Conversion For Arduino Pro Mini atmega328 Board 5V 16MHz Arduino Compatible with 6 pin ISP output
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