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Welcome !!!
Welcome To Tekno Network Systems

Varactor / Varicap diodes BB132; BB149A; BB152; BB515 - 5pcs to 20pcs [ Bin #4 ]
MMBZ52 Series 225 mW 10 mA SMD/SMT Zener Diodes -100pcs [ 2.4V - 27V ]
SMD / SMT Diodes SOT23 , SOD-123 SMB DO-214 and others - 100pcs
BAT , BAS , BAW Series SMD/SMT Dual Series Diodes - 100pcs
Digital and Analog Semiconductors - BIN#5
74 Series logic gate IC's SMD / SMT SOP , SOIC, TSSOP - 5pcs [ BIN#BD3 ]

PCF8591 AD/DA Converter Module Analog To Digital Conversion For Arduino
HXJ8002 Power Amplifier Module MINI Audio Amplifier Module Perfect
Vishay - 1N4001 50V 1A Standard Rectifier Diodes -50pcs [ DO-41 ]
7 Segments decimal counter CD4033 - KIT-2C4033 [ Assembled and tested ]
Siren KIT-2C [ Assembled and tested ]
TDK Radial Inductors - 30pcs [ Range: 0.47uH - 1000uH ]
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